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Flying Saucer Fantasia publishes both ET material and science fiction short sto-ries. It is a journal published semi-annually by the publishing companyBrainstorm Fantasia, Inc.This journal explores the subject of extraterrestrial(or ETs as an abbreviation) and their multifaceted interaction with the earth, itexplores aliens, other dimensions, UFOs, lost civilizations (such as Atlantisand Lemuria or Mu), from a number of different perspectives. But most impor-tantly, Flying Saucer Fantasia embarks on a journey of exploration of the abovesubjects based on understandings and methods that draw from a new paradigm(or paradigms), currently lying outside the corridors of contemporary science;with the exception of certain groups (usually covert in nature with ties to intel-ligence groups; or culturally underground) and aware/enlightened individualson this planet, this new (but also incredibly old at the same time here the seem-ing contradiction is illusionary-a reference to the cyclical nature of time and thesimultaneity of all time zones) paradigm of consciousness and reality has notyet fully been acknowledged by the officialdom of modern science ( hints of itspresence though can be increasingly found in various scientific publications);but advances in physics, are already moving in that direction. On the otherhand, aware humans with an expanded and active consciousness, have beennoticing that this alternative paradigm has been slowly, but steadily, emergingfor a number of years; and at an accelerated pace more recently. Some havecalled this emerging paradigm a hyper-dimensional super-reality, not unlike agargantuan web of densities or vibrational spectra, each containing many (pos-sibly an infinite number) dimensions (or "places"); and each equipped with itsown time frame, as perceived by the sentient beings residing in it. Flying Saucer Fantasia publishes both non-fiction articles and science fictionstories or tales. Specifically, the articles published can be divided into fourbroad categories:

Category 1: Non-fiction Articles.
a)Alternate Realities:These are articles on theories that explore alternaterealities in close connection to ET/aliens.
b)Psychology/Motives:Articles with a focus on the psychology and possi-ble/probable motivations behind the various ET groups; as well as the psycho-logical/psychic impact that ET contact and abductions have had/are/will be hav-ing on the earth human population and culture.
c)Abduction/Contact:Articles or reports on specific ET contact or alienabduction cases.
d)Propulsion:Articles on propulsion systems that methods of transversingthrough the various domains of the cosmos.
e)Grid:Articles on the numeric/grid information that pertain to importantmonuments and structures on the earth, moon, mars, and other planets or plan-etoids/moons in the solar system.
f)Historical:Articles with a historical perspective or slant on the ET/UFOphenomena: some of these articles may offer an analysis and interpretation(from a ET/UFO phenomena vantage point) of information found in the textsand scriptures of various religious systems.
g)Events:Articles or reports on current of recent events in the ET/UFO phe-nomena field (such, for example, a conference);these may include interviewswith researchers or other personalities in the field.
Category 2:UFO tales: short stories based on real or imaginary accountsinvolving ETs and/or UFOs.
Category 3:Transmensions (this is a made up word, a concocted term): Thesewould be tales involving dimensional change; and/or experience or travelswhich result in the alteration of the time frame at hand.
Category 4:Species tales: short stories describing an ET species or family ofspecies; it may be based on an actual ET species as experienced by an earthhuman participant or participants. Or it may be purely fictional in nature, inwhich case it would technically fit into the category or genre of science fiction.Such a story may have a plot or it might be devoid of plot and be more resem-bling a technical report highly descriptive on an ET species.
1) Initially, just submit one hard copy of your UNPUBLISHEDarticle or short story to Brainstorm Fantasia, Inc., to the address provided below.2) Receipt of your manuscript will be acknowledged by letter.3) If your paper is accepted, you will be notified by mail and be presented with a contract that offers you two options: one is for hire option with payment, butin this case Brainstorm will own the copyrights of your work.The other optioninvolves no payment to you, the author, but in this case you will own themajority of the copyrights, while Brainstorm Fantasia, Inc. will retain only asmall percent of the copyrights.You will be asked to submit a CD or diskette (Microsoft Word) containing yourwork.4) In case on non-acceptance, unless you send a SASE, your paper will bearchived with Brainstorm Fantasia, Inc.

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